Urban quarter "am Lanzgarten"

Property size: approx. 11.500 m²

Garden landscape: approx. 6,000 m²

Living: approx. 14.000 m² living space,
82 senior service condominiums,
90 Classic condominiums

Commercial: approx. 3,600 m² commercial space,
Medical Centre for Outpatient Rehabilitation, approx. 750 m²
Wellness facility, approx. 700 m²
Restaurant with open space, approx. 300 m²
Office/practice/shop space, approx. 350 m²
Medical centre, approx. 1,500 m²

Nursing care: Inpatient care facility with 60 nursing places

TG parking spaces: 220





Usage type:

Office, Mix of uses, Senior Service & care, Hotel

Order volume:

ca. 50 Mio. €, fully sold, mainly in partial ownership





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