Q 6 Q 7 Quarter: shopping, gastronomy, hotel, office, living, parking

Squares Q 6 and Q 7, Mannheim city centre.

BGF: approx. 153,000 m² (117,181 m² Q 6 Q 7 and 37,969 m² Kleine Fressgasse)
Residential: 79 residential units Q 6 Q 7 and 7 residential units Kleine Fressgasse
Hotel: 225 in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Mannheim
Commercial: 27,300 m² (18,634 m² Q 6 Q 7, 8,553 m² Kleine Fressgasse), offices approx. 4,812 m² (Kleine Fressgasse), practices approx. 2,800 m² (Q 6 Q 7), wellness / fitness approx. 4,120 m² (Q 6 Q 7)
Car parking spaces: 3-storey underground car park with approx. 1,376 parking spaces


Mannheim-City centre



Usage type:

Office, Retail, Logistics, Mix of uses

Order volume:

ca. 300 Mio. €





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